Operating plants

Alliance Quimica

Fortaleza, Brasil



The first of its kind Chlor-Alkali plant with a just-in-time water chlorination system. We developed a safer, cheaper, simpler method of providing chlorine to water treatment facilities.

Our first operating plant is situated inside the facilities of CAGECE, the water treatment company of the state of Ceara, Brazil. We installed a 7.5 tons per day capacity plant consisting of three electrolyzers with membrane technology and have been operating since October 2014. The plant is expandable to 10.0 tons per day of chlorine, with the addition of another electrolyzer.


The plant was installed at no cost to CAGECE and became the first of its kind chlor-alkali plant situated within the confines of a water treatment facility. The plant functions twenty-four hours a day / seven days a week to provide continuous chlorine for the water treatment process for the state of Ceara. Our plant also produces caustic soda as a by-product to the chlorine gas, and hypochlorite, which are sold to local businesses.