Who we are

We build, own and operate small-scale chlorine plants


Our modular plants have size and product mix flexibility


Plants located close to the customer breaking the supply chain


Plants utilize ‘best in class’ technology – safe, efficient and environmentally friendly



Chlorum Solutions’ mission is to install and operate chlorine plants around the world in locations where its small-scale capabilities can provide strategic benefits to local consumers of chlorine products. Our business model contemplates the installation of chlorine plants on site or near large local consumers without any up-front investment required by potential customers. Our goal is to become a world-class partner to public and private organizations by reducing the risk and cost of storing and transporting chemical products, thereby improving the efficiency of our customers’ supply chain.


Chlorum Solutions currently owns and operates two plants, one in Brazil on the grounds of a water treatment facility and a second stand-alone facility in Uruguay and has a third plant under construction to be located in the state of Maranhao, Brazil.


Chlorum Solutions is an affiliate of Klaff Investments, LP, a Chicago-based investment firm with over $1 billion under management.